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Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement

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After the Medtronic TAVR Procedure

Hospital Stay

You will stay in the hospital until your doctor decides you are able to leave. Patients are often walking in a day or two. The usual hospital stay is about 8 days.

Follow-up Care

When you leave the hospital your doctor will give you care instructions. You may have to limit certain activities. You will need to take medicine and have your heart checked from time to time. Talk to your doctor any time you have questions or concerns about your new heart valve.

If you require an MRI* scan, tell the doctor that you have a Medtronic TAVR heart valve. Tell your doctor if you have a Medtronic TAVR heart valve inside a surgical valve. Not doing so could cause injury or death. Your dentist and all doctors need to know about your Medtronic TAVR heart valve.

You will get a card with Medtronic TAVR heart valve information. Keep this card with you. Show it to any doctors who may be treating you. If you do not get a card, contact your doctor.

The lifespan of the Medtronic TAVR heart valve will vary from patient to patient. It has been tested to mimic 5 years of use without failure.

Keep appointments with your doctor. Follow all care instructions to ensure the best possible results.